Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 9- Mount Elphinstome

5:00 : Wake up...(why do I do this)
5:35: Leave home, towards the skytrain, there no one in the streets, it s so dark
6:00: Arrive at Granville, I can see the search lights from English bay.
6:15: Hop on the 257, direction horseshoe bay.
7:00: Arrived at horseshoe bay, hummm a hot chocolate at blenz...$4.75...what a scam!
7:20: The ferry leaves the dock, I m taking pictures of the map of the sunshine coast that is on one of the tourist information table.
8:00: I arrive at Langdale, time to take the bus
8:10: The bus leaves, they are so chill here on the coast.
8:45: I arrive at roberts creek, what time did I leave, I don t want to think about it, the weather is going to be great.
9:00: Logging road....
9:30: Logging road...
9:50: Sick of logging road! I cut through the forest, lots of old rotting timber, but terrain is easy , not too steep, this should save me some km, i got a brand new Oregon 300 ($285 from mec, yes $285) i will meet my original track in 10 min.
10:20 Made back to the road, now it is a small logging road and there is my first snow at 900m
10:25: My first view west of the coast, I can see the island! Very neat.
10:50: Only snow now, hard snow easy to walk on.
11:00: I leave the path and head on the ridge towards Elphinstone, a failed attempt in December excites me to get to it s summit.
11:30: Very nice ridge, very easy, there are markers, makes me feel confident. A bit icy, i m glad I got the ice axe.
11:45: I arrive at a junction I notice a trail going south, my way home?
11:50 Steep slope, Ice axe very handy.
12:00: Small snowy steep slopes, lots of fun, kicking steps
12:30: Summit, so cool, I can see Panther peak, steel, the true summit of Gambier and all the sea to sky! Victory!
12:50: Heading down smoothly
13:05: I decide to go towards the unknown, I take the junction
13:30: I love this trail, super well marked, have to jump a small creek
14:00: No more snow and great mossy grounds, i m running like a mad man on the slopes of Elphinstone.
14:30: I m in biker land, lots of tracks and cool signs, a bit a maze but the GPS does all the work.
15:00 Out of the forest, I made it, but where am I, my gps tells me i m only 2 km from the ferry awesome!!
15:30 Back at the ferry and heading back home, 20 km and 1400m up, what a great day
19: 00 Back at home exhausted and happy

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