Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 15- Bear Mountain- Febuary 28th

A classic 103 hikes in South Western BC. It is always nice to do these easy hikes that you have read so many times about but never actual had time to do them or was doing something harder.

I rented my car early in the morning and picked up my girlfriend at the apartment. While is was cloudy in the Fraser Valley, I had a good feeling it would clear up. We made it at the trail head by 10:30, if I would have followed only the book I would have founded it easily but I used my GPS with wrong coordinates that I had put in, so that was really not useful.

We started the easy hike up the logging road, and again the logging road, and again the logging road, logging road…

We finally made it to the lake, had a quick look, nothing exceptional. We headed towards the look out which seems to not be the summit of Bear Mountain. We found on our way a little bump, nothing around seemed higher so we both stood on it and we had climbed Bear Mountain.

On our way up it was a mix of clouds and shy sun rays. We hit snow on the top of the mountain but nothing where we needed extra gear. A little bit of bushwacking at the end of the logging road and cut through an old clear cut where we finally made it to the look out. At first we were in the clouds but it cleared up on the Hope side. We never got a full view of the valley (but we go excellent views of Cheam on our way back home).
A nice little lunch on heli pad, a few shots to never forget what I live for (GF and Mountains).

We were quickly back to the car, although for some reason my girlfriends shoes blistered her to blood. We stopped at the Harrison beach and were amazed by some beautiful peaks way up north.

We went to Abbotsford and stopped at the border, I did a few paper work and officially became permanent resident of Canada, the day Canada got gold in Hockey!! Of course since we were hiking we did not watch the game, the border told us the good news, yes permanent resident but not Canadian…yet.

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