Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mount Fromme (Attempt) A cold day...

Today I started work at 14:00.

I decided to attempt Mount Fromme, a summit in North Vancouver, very easily accessible. This was my third attempt…this actually is a very easy trail but I have been very unlucky.
First attempt: A year ago with Bonn-Tien, we only had one pair of snowshoes, got lost in the forest on the middle of the mountain. We made it to a nice viewpoint but turned back because of lack of time.
Second attempt: Last fall, biked up the logging road, BT got tired, I got annoyed, we just enjoyed our ride back down the hill, stayed on the logging road the whole way.
This last attempt: Made it up with my bike ¾ up the logging road. I hid the bike on the side ans snowshoed to the trailhead. Made it to the trailhead. I was very surprised that for such a popular hike the markings were so poor. Good barely see the trail, it was snowing, hailing and raining, very foggy, horrible conditions no views guaranteed. After struggling going uphill, I resigned and walked back to my bike. Cruised down in wind and rain with brakes to be embarrassed about. Got completely chilled. Luckily it took me very little time to get back to Phibbs Exchange and take a bus back home so I could be on time for work.

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