Sunday, January 10, 2010

01/07/2010- Day 3- Mt St Benedict in BC

Use to the Sea to Sky hikes, we decided to rent a car and try out Mt St Benedict last Thursday, last sunny day before a week of showers.

We parked the car at the indicated parking spot by the 6th edition of 103 hikes and easily found the trail head.

We were surprised by the poor amount of snow although we knew it has been an unusual warm winter.

Again the trail is very well marked and pleasant. When we made it to the old logging road, some hard patches of icy snow started to appear and made the hike a bit challenging. It was very important to look at where you were walking. BTW I had brought our snowshoes but we did not use them once on the whole hike, crampons would have been ok, yak tracks perfect.

At the lake it was finally all snowed up but the lake was not completely frozen.
We easily found our way towards the col but had very slippery moments on the steep slope.

As we reached the col, the snow got soft and it was pure pleasure all the way towards the summit.The sun appeared and we started to get our well deserved views.

I discovered the area and I was astonished by the beauty of Robbie Reid that I had only seen from the summits of Bishop or Dilly-Dally.

Baker had a small cloud beard and the Judge was truly majestic.

It took us almost 3.75 h to make it to the summit, since we had to return the car by 6 in Burnaby we rushed down and made it back in less than 2 hours, the snow had gotten softer with the heat of the afternoon and going down from the col was a fun slide.

Altogether it took us 5.5 h with break car to car. A great hike to do in the middle of the week with fantastic views, highly recommended to all.

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