Sunday, January 10, 2010

A strange idea...

Well, although today is the 10th of January and I am just starting this new blog, I would say it is not too late for a 2010 resolution. The fact is that this blog is not the resolution but the a testimony of it. My resolution is therefor to spend at least 100 days in the great outdoors, this can be the mountain, forest or ocean but it has to be "outdoorsy". I would like to count my time at the rock climbing gym because we do have some ugly week-ends in Vancouver but after much hesitation I decide not to. However they will be reported. So my trips will be mostly hiking, trekking,scrambling, mountaineering, rock climbing, biking and sea kayaking. enough to fill up the year.

My sources of inspiration are mostly these books:

I inspire myself from these books:

"Scrambles in southwestern BC" by Matt Gunn

And an awesome one: "Ultimate Adventures" from Rough Guides edition, coslty adventures that I often manage to do at a more reasonable price.

These book truly inspire me and if I managed to do everything they talk about, I could die in peace...

You might want to understand what this resolution means. Well, the fact that I am an office manager with limited time off, makes this resolution particularly difficult and interesting because for those that would also like to do interesting adventures in life, time always seem to be the issue.
Then comes money who is an issue for most of us. Last year I have traveled around the world and have done rather expensive adventures but have had to manage to keep it to a reasonable price.For example from Vancouver (my home) a round trip to do the Annapurna circuit without missing out on anything cost me less than $2400 CAD all included. I did nt use guides or porters and we didn t pay for the nights at the huts since we were eating there.
Also I have no car and that makes some hikes to do very challenging but I do have some great friends who love to go hiking with me and who do have a car.

I invite you to follow my adventures throughout the year and to see if I will be able to take up the challenge.

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