Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day-1; Day 1 & 2

Well, I wanted to start the year strongly.
So the Varsity Outdoor Club (University of British Columbia Outdoor club) was having a new years eve party in their Brian Waddington Hut. So we left on the 31st of December (day -1) and took about 6 hours to the hut. I was on the track with my snowshoes and my snowboard on my back while my freind Ryan was trying out his new skis.

The celebration was fantastic in the small hut although I was exchausted and went to bed at 22:30.

The next day (day 1!) We took our skiing gear and went up to do a few downhills. There was lots of snow and the avalanche risk was high. Some other skiers started a small avalanche slab.

The evening was again great in this great sporty environment although that everything was damped.

The next day we left early and because it had snowed so much it took us nearly 6 hours to make it back to the car.

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